A decade ago, a bunch of passionate and curious people came together through their constant search to unravel the secrets of the mystical land called, “India’. Format Travel is a company comprised of individuals who are dedicated to showing the marvel that is India the world over, helping people beyond borders discover the rich oracle and thrilling realism of this country. Our expertise includes a vast gamut - Leisure Travel in the Indian subcontinent, Conferences, Team Building, Events, Trade Delegations, Global Educational Programs and organizing International Weddings in exotic locales. We understand that time off is a precious commodity, so with our expert knowledge, we help people not only plan where to spend it, but how to make the most of it.

There’s no such thing as a package tour with us. No two experiences are identical for the reason that no two requests are the same – we mold every trip to accommodate you in the most comfortable fashion. We care deeply about your trip. We won’t recommend anywhere that we haven’t been to and seen for ourselves, so we can give you an insight into each destination and create a trip that’s one of a kind. As a company, we ensure that there is more to travel than just flying, lodging and sightseeing. We are devoted to make every experience amazing – adding subtle touches of warmth, understanding your needs and planning an itinerary that is unique and comfortable. We are always perceptive to the needs of individuals and groups to make the most of their professional and personal experience in India, and offer round the clock service.
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