Land of

India is a natural host to languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, traditions, ceremonies, arts, values and the way of life. Originator of yoga, chess, zero, diamonds, cotton, prayer flags, the fountainhead of ‘Ayurveda,’ home to people of four of the world’s major religions, the biggest democracy, India is a land where people belonging to different religions and cultures live together as a nation. Every nook and cranny of India is sprinkled with dazzling historical relevance, manifested through majestic architecture and culture. Luxuriant tropical forests, vast deserts, breath-taking seascapes, snow-capped mountains, India is nothing short of paradise for those who love nature.

India is deemed to have one of the fastest growing economies the world over, awaiting a bright future. Cutting edge technology, avant-garde architectural marvels, sprawling shopping malls and extraordinary business growth make India a nation that’s young, vivacious and pulsating with life.

Nevertheless, India is about many things undiscovered. There is simply so much to savour. Slivers of secrets, ancient divulged wisdom, inimitable lifestyles in picturesque locales, cultures that are still concealed from the chaos of popular tourist destinations. In India, you can find a unique mesh of various cultures, cuisines, communities and religion. The sights, sounds and smells of India are unlike anything else in the world and this is why they need to be experienced, to be appreciated, celebrated and marvelled at, but most of all, remembered. For now and for always. An experience that’s truly enigmatic.
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