Anita Gurnani
Format Travel Counselor is the brain-child of Anita Gurnani and was founded in 1998. Having begun her travelling spell across India in her youth with friends, she felt an overwhelming desire to open new doorways to citizens from the world over. After a marketing stint with a leading publishing house, she found her true calling in the nomadic, yet glorious world of Travel. When she is not arranging high-profile tours, you'll probably find Anita in her cargos, traversing the length and breadth of India - discovering hidden facets of this resplendent land. It's this maverick knowledge that she brings to the table each time she has to organise a delegation in India. A woman with lofty creative skills, she is known for her quirky yet ingenious ideas and innate warmth in dealing with clients.

In fact, the first charm of the whole 'India experience' begins with Anita's irresistible graciousness and her strong creative aptitude.

Renu Choudhury
One fine, crisp, sunny day, Renu gave up a booming corporate career to become an entrepreneur. A Rock 'n Roll fan, an avid naturalist and an off-beat traveler, with Renu, you can expect the unexpected. Before being a part of Format Travel Counsellors, Renu has worked for over 25 years in big Indian and multinational companies, winning several national and international awards for raising the bar on performance with every passing year. One of the biggest achievements of her career was being awarded the International "Hall of Fame" award, the paramount commendation which is bestowed on an employee who exhibits superior performance incessantly.

The leap to entrepreneurship has been a blessing, for she comes with a natural disposition to creativity, invincible leadership qualities, extraordinary people-skills and an ability to make things happen with a snap of her fingers!

Sincere is the first word that comes to your mind when you talk to Anil. He quietly does his work in one part of the office but is the force behind a lot of projects. He is well versed with the principles of Format and lives them by heart. He is integrity personified. His motto of life is "simple living, high thinking"

Karan Sobti
Karan is the quiet genius at Format Travel. From computer applications to modeling - Karan traveled his way through diverse careers and realized his true calling was in Travel...of a different kind. Through the bylanes of small villages, in the tropical forests or escorting international clients for adventure sports in the Himalayas, he believes that every corner in India is the fountainhead of a pleasant surprise for travelers. Karan is always prepared - ready to work 24x7 to reveal the best of India to the world. As one of the youngest in Format Travel, he brings his intellect and meticulousness to his work. Behind the quiet facade is a volcano of energy, a mind continuously bustling with electrifying ideas.

Ravi Gurnani
Ravi Gurnani is the backbone of our company. He is a creative genius and a master at multi-tasking. His only weakness is that hes an out-and-out perfectionist. Ravi is the epitome of reliability for our team. His mind is like a sponge. Ravi absorbs all the information you give him and within seconds you have the solution. He is a quiet chef and driving force behind one of the major Indian food festivals in Switzerland. Suffice to say, Ravi is the man we credit for the success of Format Travel.

Beautiful, talented, mature and immaculate, Prerna is an integral part of Format Travel Counselor. With a Masters in Finance from England, she found her true calling in Travel and has been with us since. She is the rockstar of the company, rock because she is our strength and star because she keeps us together. She oversees almost everything. No one understands our brand's core values as well as her. Prerna's constant drive towards perfection helps us in delivering nothing less than the best. No wonder she is a favorite with the clients.
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