Off The

Beaten Track
Traversing the land of camels…on horseback!
Stop-overs at quaint hunting lodges, dining with the royals in fairytale castles, mingling with locals, exploring old forts and palaces, these are just a few activities Princess Johanna Wittington indulged in on her journey to Rajasthan, the land which is known to have formerly been an abode for the Rajas (kings). Format Travel in partnership with the Royal family of Rajasthan, arranged for a horseback caravan that took her to bewitching locations, through striking tracks & trails, helping her see the myriad colors of the land. Princess Johanna of Germany lived an experience of a lifetime and took back the true essence and colors of Rajasthan.

A Gush of Genius
The World Bank held a conference on Water Conservation that was arranged by Format Travel.
While our team arranged for every pertinent detail with unmatched efficiency, the Conference highlight was a unique session by Mr. Ritish Nanda – a reputed expert on ancient water systems in India. His discernment, in-depth knowledge and dexterity opened a whole new avenue of possibilities in Water Conservation for the delegates.

Business, as Un-usual…
Format Travel organized a tour to Bhutan, for German CEO’s and Trade Ministers, for the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. Every aspect of the tour was impeccably arranged – from comfortable lodging, dining, travel and transfers. Yet what set the whole ‘business’ visit apart was a picnic on a misty mountain-top, shooting traditional arrows with a seasoned archer and dancing to the gentle rhythm of Bhutanese music with a group of monks.

Flights and hotels can be booked on a computer. But, we provide you with a lot more than mere bookings. We bestow you with an experience to remember. Exotic locations, beautiful accommodations, food for the soul, a shopper’s paradise, a treat for your mind. Your wish is our command.

24/7 emergency assistance, special accomodations, last minute changes, industry and destination knowledge, our experts are going to be your eyes and ears, every step of your journey. We believe in relationships, not voicemails.

We maximize your experiences with our team’s in-depth knowledge and provide you with the best of everything, ensuring you get value for your money.

We, at Format Travels, are more like a companion; we’re a part of your team.

When you travel with us, you will walk away with a plethora of special moments, rich with experiences. Our forte is out of the box vacations. We don’t just sell travel packages, we sell dreams.
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